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EVA Number: Crew 162

EVA #05 Summary Report

EVA Date: 03 Feb 2016

Commander Garifi Reporting

Purpose of EVA: We requested a 3 person EVA by foot on the hilly area
surrounding the hab for the purpose of performing an in-situ
ground-truthing activity using paper maps and GPS units provided by the
USGS. The secondary purpose was to assist our visiting photographer with
creating new, professional photographs for promoting the Mars Society's
MDRS Program.

Location of EVA: Habitat, 12S-518206E-4253574N

Number of EVA Crew: 2

Crew Members going on EVA: Garifi, Wilder
The third crew member stayed inside to serve as HABCOM due to back pain
associated with fatigue and the backpack used during EVA #04

ATVs: None

ATV time usage: N/A

Duration of EVA: 1.5 hr

EVA departure time: 09:30

EVA return time: 11:00

Time Checks:
-09:35 egress from airlock
-10:00 comm check with HABCOM and visual confirmation of crew
-10:15 notified HABCOM that Commander reported feeling nauseous and
was going to sit on a rock within view of the hab while the other member
continued to take pictures at the base of the neighboring hill with the

-10:30 comm check with HABCOM and visual confirmation of crew
-10:45 check-in with all crew, begin return to hab together
-11:00 airlock repress cycle begun
-11:03 ingress to hab

Summary: We did some ground truthing during the EVA at different points
around the hab. Commander had to sit on a rock at the half-way point due to
nausea that passed after about 20 minutes of sitting. Team walked around on
the flat spots and hill bases to the northeast of the hab for the
photographer to get some action shots of EVA navigational techniques and
rock and soil collection.