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GreenHab Report
Renee Garifi

Current Temperature:

Crew 161 Plant Report:
Added 60 mL of water to the repotted radish and bean sprouts. Beans are
fairing better than the radishes. Will send photos in next report with

Prototype watering systems:
Per request by PI, placed both systems side by side on top shelf of
greenhab tent. Started a 16/8 on/off 24-hour light cycle for the cabbage
plants on 02/02/16 and will continue the light cycle schedule until end of
rotation. Photo of new setup attached.

OASYS Passive Watering System:
The last two seed pillows have still not sprouted. Photo of cabbage
seedlings attached.

Active Watering System:
Thinned cabbage seedlings from 3 sprouts to 1 in each wick. Because I had
to unplug the system to move it to the top shelf, I reconnected the USB and
ran through the pump activation procedure using the experiment laptop.
Completed pump reactivation, disconnected USB. Confirmed solenoid pumps
were actively clicking. Photo of growth before thinning attached.

Report forwarded to experiment principal investigators.