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Carmen Felix
Sol 11, 03/02/16
Crew Health & Safety Officer/ Journalist
1 – Medical Inventory List was printed and placed inside the cabinet.

2 – List of recommended medical devices/medicine –just as a recommendation
for general precaution of any remote locations- was done. Please, advise if
I can send this document in pdf format, as a separate file.

3 – Crew health last week has been good. One-day headaches were reported,
and possible dehydration was the cause. After one day this got solved.

4 – Yesterday and today, one crewmember reported back pain and neck pain.
Hot patches and some pain cream were used. Pain is relieved. One possible
cause is the EVA backpack used, as it was noticed that backpack #2 has a
stiffer helmet connector (black circular holder), so it felt like this was
pushing the head more into the front. This was checked and we loosened the
backpack adjusters a little bit. No more complaints about it today.

5 – During the night, one crewmember could not stop coughing. They were not
feeling sick after getting up, but Theraflu Tea, ibuprofen and vitamin C
were used, for precaution.

6 – Another crewmember felt nauseous toward the end of the EVA, so we
decided to take activities lighter and recommended some rest when the team
returned. Antiacid pills were used, and the crew member reported a full

7 – We all felt tired today and that is why we decided to rest after
lunchtime, and recover some energies.

8 – No major health complications so far. We have only 3.5 days left for
the end of our mission.