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SOL: 0 (not in simulation)

Person filling out Report: Mohammad IRANMANESH, XO

Summary Title: Crew 164 ready for landing

Mission Status: All systems GO. We are ready to start the Mission.

Sol Activity Summary: cleaning, installing new bread maker, assembling vacuum cleaner, moving generator and fridge to the green hab,  filling static tank, briefing with S. Ruppert.

Look Ahead Plan: Simulation starts tonight at 9pm. First EVA tomorrow to explore the areas around the HAB.

Anomalies in work:  ATV's are not working.

Weather: sunny, ground is mostly dry.

Crew Physical Status: Some crew members had trouble sleeping because of jetlag and high room temperatures. One crew member had stomach pain.
EVA: /

Reports to be filed:
- Commander report
- Engineering report
- Journalist report & crew 151 official photo
- Health and Safety report
- EVA request

Support Requested:
- Fix ATV's

Mohammad Iranmanesh, XO