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Health Safety Report – Sol 0 (21/02/2016)

Dear Mission Support,

Last night, a crew member began complaining of GI symptoms. He took some medication (Smecta – anti-diarrheal) each 4 hours since 1 a.m. (4 times all in all) and felt a little bit better in the afternoon. Everything should be better for him tomorrow.

Another crew member took also Smecta once, because he feared ending in the same situation.

We all take extra precautions in case these symptoms are due to a virus (even if there is high probability this comes from one of the meals they had yesterday).

Several members reported sleeping troubles, caused by adaptation to this new environment as well as dry air and temperature (that was too hot in some rooms).

I will report the evolution of these small troubles during the next days.

Jérémy Rabineau, HSO Crew 164