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EVA Report:

EVA #1

Crew members: Mehdi Scoubeau (EVA leader), Louis Maller and Arthur Lillo

Around the Hab (12S-518437E-4251432N)
First CRV testing site: 12S-518110E-4251535N
Second CRV testing site: 12S-518472E-4251130N

Time: departure at 9:20 a.m.

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

- Eyewear User Interface for Marsonauts
o Test #1 with AR glasses (displaying a map and the hour, and using
the vocal command).
- Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV)
o Find interesting sites to test the CRV (accessible cliffs)

HabCom: Mohammad Iranmanesh

9:20 a.m.: EVA#1 left Airlock
9:30 a.m.: Engineer Checks Complete
9:35 a.m.: EVA#1 departed
9:50 a.m.: First stop, check-in HabCom, AR glasses vocal test
10:15 a.m.: EVA#1 found a good spot for a future test of the CRV
10:40 a.m.: Decision of EVA#1 to take the direction of the Hab
10:50 a.m.: EVA#1 found another good spot for the CRV
11:00 a.m.: Check-in HabCom
11:10 a.m.: EVA#1 entered Airlock

We went North to get familiar with the environment about one kilometer
from the Hab. We filmed and took beautiful pictures despite the cloudy
weather. We managed to find some interesting places for future testing
of the CRV, during another EVA. Every time we stopped, Louis tried to
use the vocal command of the AR glasses, but it never worked, maybe
due to the noise of the ventilation inside his helmet. Hopefully, the
AR glasses are able to show a map of the surrounding, and they display
the hour. The duration of the battery has proven to be sufficient for
a two-hour EVA and we confirm the ergonomics of the AR glasses inside
the helmet.