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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau

Dear Earth,

Today was a very productive and exciting day for us, here on Mars. Everybody is feeling better and getting used to this new way of living in this particular microcosm. We also learned that real efficiency is not only fueled by coffee and tea but also by special treats such as pancakes and brownies.

The crew is also excited by the prospect of (possibly) working on some interesting unplanned projects such as the NorthCal rover and a geological experimentation training that could be called “geology on Mars for dummies”.

We are really looking forward to see what is included in the re-supply we have just received from Phobos. The most awaited items are (surprinsingly?) the tortillas and the yeast.

Otherwise, the good weather is back on Mars which renders the landscapes even more picturesque as you will see on today’s photos.

We hope everything is going well on Earth!