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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau

Dear Earth,

Sol 4. After the productive morning EVA in splendid landscapes with a perfect weather, the whole crew set up to tidy and clean the Hab. Daily tasks like these take a lot of time but have to be done and it is the only time we are glad the Hab is so small! A good reason to clean on Earth is when somebody is coming over… Well apparently, it is the same here, on Mars. Tomorrow morning we will have the visit from one journalist from Phobos TV doing a documentary on our Martian base.

In the afternoon, part of the crew worked on improving the helmets in order to avoid visibility issues during EVAs in the future. They are now looking like brand new space helmets. We are looking forward to see how the pictures taken from the AR glasses through them will look like now. Regarding this matter, we also received new radios that will allow us to conduct four-person EVA from now on.

The other half of the crew manages to make the North Cal rover working and ran some test of joystick control.

The Observatory is almost ready for observation and even if the Moon is often visible these days, several crew members cannot wait to see those wonderful stars through the telescope.

Otherwise, the crew is also working on the mid-rotation video that will show why our daily routine is awesome.

Greetings Earthlings!