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EVA Report:

EVA #4

Crew members: Camille Gontier (EVA leader), Mohammad Iranmanesh, Jérémy Rabineau

Around the Hab (12S-518437E-4251432N)

Time: departure at 9:35 p.m.

Duration: 2 hours

- Engineering check
- Removal of ATV batteries
- Around the Hab exploration
- Project human factors (detection of mind wandering):
         New recordings
- Project CRV:
         Further testing of new wireless camera
         Test of radio repeater

HabCom: Arthur Lillo (Crew Astronomer)

9:45 a.m.: Leaving Airlock
10:10 a.m.: Batteries and screwdrivers put back in main airlock
10:12 a.m.: Permission to go to the place visited during EVA 3
10:15 a.m.: Loss of visual contact with Hab
10:22 a.m.: Loss of radio contact
10:45 a.m.: Start of test procedure for CRV
11:10 a.m.: EVA on his way back to the Hab
11:25 a.m.: Radio contact established with Hab
11:30 a.m.: EVA#4 back to main airlock

ATV status :
- 2 : no battery inside
- 3 : working fine (tested yesterday during EVA 3B)
- 4 and red : battery taken to the main airlock
This was our first test of heavy manual work (ATB batteries removal)
in space suits, and it proved successful. Decision taken not to go
back to the place visited during EVA 3 : holes in formation may be
dangerous. ATV maintenance was done in the afternoon.