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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau

Dear Earth,

Looking at promising reliefs on a topographic map inside the Hab is way more easy than searching for a fork road through a space helmet as we realized this morning. The crew members out on EVA were not able to reach the planned destination and therefore decided to scout interesting places along the way. They also had to conduct some last test with one ATV and the Sandstorm rover. All in all, it went pretty well despite a quite cloudy weather that cleared up later but prevented me from conducting my experiment outside the Hab.

With regards to exploration, the question of covering as much surface as possible during EVAs have been raised several time until today and that gave us a good idea of experiment for next year provided that we find more precise topographic maps.

Today the crew spent quite some time on the public outreach that will be done after the mission, filming videos around the Hab and reporting for the experiments. We also used the rushes recorded to create an awesome out-of-this-world mid-rotation video. We are looking forward to hearing the feedbacks on this collective creation that will explain to the world the work we are doing here in an entertaining way.

As for everybody on Earth I guess, we cannot wait to be Sunday because it will be filled with good moments starting from one extra hour of sleep. On the schedule one can also find the Martian conference that trains us to explain our results to others and f course, PizzaSunday!

Looking back on the work that the crew has accomplished this first week on experiments, repairs and outreach, everybody deserved a quieter day to rest before starting the second and even more intense week of our rotation.

On a less serious note, if somebody reading this can explain to us the end of the movie “400 days”, we would be grateful.