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EVA Report:

EVA #6 with ATVs 2, 3 & 4

Crew members: Jérémy RABINEAU (EVA leader), Camille GONTIER and Arthur LILLO

Location: 12S-520235E-4250690N

Time: departure at 9:40 a.m.

Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes


- Project Embedded Recording Interface for EVA

Test of the recording of the data with ATVs

- Project MOMA

Set up and starting of the experiment

- Project CRV

Exploration in order to find a canyon where CRV could be used

- Project Mind Wandering tracking with ECG

Test using ATVs

HabCom: Louis MALLER

9:40 a.m.: EVA #6 leaves the Main Airlock

9:41 a.m.: Observation that the weather is cloudy; it is then not possible to set up MOMA experiment

9.42 a.m.: NorthCal rover is put out of the Engineering Airlock

9.43 a.m.: Engineering check

9.45 a.m.: Test of ATV 1; it can start with no problem

9.46 a.m.: Start of ATV 2 (Arthur), 3 (Jérémy) & 4 (Camille)

9.50 a.m.: Departure from the Hab; EVA #6 goes North

10.03 a.m.: EVA #6 leaves the main road and takes another road to the East

10.04 a.m.: EVA #6 stops temporary the ATVs

10.09 a.m.: Hab lost contact with EVA #6

10.42 a.m.: EVA #6 is back to main road

11.15 a.m.: EVA #6 checks the tires of ATVs 2, 3 & 4

11.17 a.m.: NorthCal rover is put back in the Engineering Airlock

11.23 a.m.: Gas tank of ATV 3 is filled

11.25 a.m.: Gas tank of ATV 4 is filled

11.27 a.m.: Gas tank of ATV 2 is filled

11.30 a.m.: EVA #6 enters the Main Airlock;


This EVA was a good opportunity to test the autonomy of NorthCal that we put out of the Engineering Airlock as soon as we were outside of the Hab. The rover wandered about until stopping for unknown reason while still connected.

Unfortunately enough, the weather was too cloudy and it was not possible to set up and start MOMA experiment.

Good news: all the ATVs can start with no problem. We will never thank DG enough for fixing them!

The main purpose of this EVA was to find a canyon located eastern from the Hab where CRV can be used. We first took the main road toward the North and then switched to a smaller one toward the East, where we had sometimes visual and radio contact with the Hab. However, we didn’t find the canyon because we simply lost the latter road… We then decided to go back with the ATVs, rather than going on by foot. On our way back, we find a good place to test CRV (Funny how you find things when you do not especially want to, but can’t find them when you are looking for them!).

Since we had some more time left, we decided to try another road that can lead us to this canyon. It seems to be a far better way to reach it, but it is also longer so it will only be possible to do this during another EVA.

Finally, we just had time to fill the gas tank of the ATVs we used and put NorthCal back in the Engineering Airlock before going back to the Hab.