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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau

Dear Earth,

After one week of simulation we almost feel like home in the Hab as if Mars was the first line on our cosmic address decrypted by Neil deGrasse Tyson in Cosmos. Some members of the crew even believed they found a Mars-like magnetic anomaly in the middle of the desert.

Sol 7 aka Sunday was not as quiet as originally planned since four crewmembers did a two hours and a half EVA with the ATVs to scout the south region. And in the afternoon, the Martian conference gave a chance to each member to explain his experiment and present the results obtained so far. That was really interesting and it allowed us to share ideas on each other experiment and to spot which experimentation need more focus in the next week. It will help us build the EVA planning for the next days as well since we only have five of those left. Lastly, this is the beginning of the collective effort to create a good and accurate end of mission summary for Friday. Consequently, the crew is ready and motivated for the week to come and is now re-focus on the different tasks left to be done.

However, we are now a bit late on the schedule and therefore the pizzas are still unaccounted for but we will soon get started on that matter. We all hope it will live up to our expectations. To be continued …