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EVA Request:

EVA #7

Crew members: Louis Maller (EVA leader): backpack 2, red Honda
Mohammad Iranmanesh, one-piece backpack, ATV#3
Arthur Lillo, backpack 4, ATV#2
Camille Gontier:  backpack 1, ATV#4

Location: South of the the Hab (12S-520235E-4250690N)

Time: departure at 10:00 a.m.

Duration: 2 hours

- scouting south of the Hab
- Project EMUI:
        Testing of new features (new note and procedure, with new
pictures inside the new helmets) by PI
- Detection of Mind-Wandering using ECG
- If it is sunny, first outdoors test of the MOMA project

HabCom: Jérémy Rabineau


10:00 exiting main airlock
10:02 opening Engineering Airlock
10:04 static tank mesure
10:05 MOMA experiment set in front of the hab
10:11 ATVs leave south
10:20 loss of radio signal
11:15 brief radio contact
11:30 backpack problems, #1 doesn’t seem to be working and #4 very feeble
11:33 EVE#7 heading home
11:54 back to the Hab
11:58 Empty gas can placed on the trailer
11:59 MOMA placed in the engineering airlock
12:02 Back in the main airlock


The crew of 4 left the Hab on the ATVs heading south, looking for an
interesting canyon, and exploring the road, trying to find the forks
on the main road.
We went almost all the way to the main road without seeing the fork,
so we went back until we found it. We stopped at a firs canyon just
along the road, that was quite picturesque. We took a few pictures and
then we headed back north. We found the fork in the road we were
looking for. We followed that road until we arrived at a spot we found
interesting, with a mountain that didn’t seem far away. We left the
ATV there, but the interesting land feature was farther then expected
(20min walk). There wasn’t any canyon as we thought at first, so we
didn’t stay long but we took a few pictures. During the walk from and
to the ATVs we were able to connect briefly with HabCom.
The EVA was shorter than announced because we did the exploration we
wanted to do, and are now more familiar with MDRS environment. We got
better with the ATVs and unfortunately there was a glitch with the
EMUI experiment so I wasn’t able to test them successfully.