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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau

Dear Earth,                                             

Astronauts are often facing situations or experiment protocols with which they are not familiar beforehand. Either because it is not their scientific field or maybe it could be a new procedure or protocol. This is why the experiment the junior crewmembers conducted this morning during an EVA is particularly interesting. They were tasked with gathering descriptions of rocks and other geological data in order to assess the possibility of building a tunnel at a specific place south of the Hab. As none of the crew members is fully briefed on geology but they are all used to follow scientific procedures, this is a similar assignment to the one that will be given to future Martian explorers. The three of them think they fared well with the experiment and are looking forward to see the results of this study.

Many people agree to say space exploration without international cooperation is not possible. This is a concept we agree on and since we have flags from different countries that we brought with us, there will be a lot of flags in the pictures attached to our reports in the next few days.

Resource utilization monitoring is crucial in any space missions and that is why we are tracking our water, internet and power consumption. After one week of simulation, the crew is now aware that it has been doing a permissive use of the water reserves. Therefore, reducing our consumption in order to fit in the typical use data will be an extra mission for us in the next few days.

Lastly, cooking delicious pizzas on Mars is possible, which is very good news for the future of space exploration. What are we waiting for?