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Engineering Report 164.8
Engineering Report
Date:  02/29/2016 at 6p.m.

Crew Engineer Name: Louis Maller

Diesel – 12%

Propane – 54% (our automated robot just solved some parallax problems
which is why the reading is higher than yesterday’s)

Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) –  1 full container, one empty
(which was placed in the trailer)

Water (trailer) measured in cm from the bottom–    42in / 42in i.e.
106.6cm/106.6cm from the bottom (full)

Water (static) measured in cm from the top – 38.5in / 42in i.e.
97cm/106.6cm from the top (refill scheduled tomorrow)

Trailer to Static Pump used – 0in i.e. 0cm

Water (loft) – 170.3 gallons i.e. 45 gallons

Static to Loft Pump used – 75 gallons i.e. 284 liters (and this time
gallons are really gallons)

Water Meter: 105 144.7 gallons

Atv # Oil Checked:  all ATVs full

Atv # Fuel Used Gals:  None

Atv # Tires Status:  No tire problems

Atv # Hours Used Day:  ATVs not used

Atv # Notes and Comments: Nothing

Summary of Engineering activities:

Camille has been working a lot on the backpacks, particularly backpack
#1 recently. To be followed on the backpack e-mail thread

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:

We plan on filling the static tank tomorrow because today we seem to
have lost 7 inches in a day, which is more than double of our usual
consumption. This is strange, and maybe it’s my measure that’s flawed.
Very difficult to get an accurate measure with a spacesuit on and
using a ruler in that tank is far from practical. Implementing a
practical device for that tank would be a good idea for future Hab
We'll also take pictures of the trailer tank tomorrow (my bad, we
forgot to do that today)

Hot water:

Today the crew showered thrice,
And this story has some spice.

The first man had no hot water,
and was awfully cold,
The second astronaut went in, was bold,
Luck and warm water made his shower longer,
The third spaceman at first was hot,
and then, was not.

This story is quite fine,
But just guess who was first in line…

Sorry for the bad rimes and all, but I might have been hit cold by a
particle of inspiration. Maybe one also hit the hot water system, and
can be held accountable for its erratic behavior!

Louis Maller
Crew Engineer for MDRS Supaero Crew 164