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> Commander Report
> Mehdi Scoubeau
> 01/03/2016
> Dear Earth,
> Mitigated feedback for this morning EVA since we were at
> last able to find the right path to explore a canyon
> situated east of the Hab that we have been looking for two
> days already but we came back to the Hab late which
> prevented us from conducting properly the experimentation we
> had initially planned. Some discussions on the EVA security
> and time monitoring lead us to re-precise several of our
> protocols and raised the question if we should build and EVA
> procedures manual on which everybody agrees beforehand and
> that ensures the safety AND efficiency of every outside
> activities. Anyway, that would allow the junior crewmembers
> to better prepare next year mission.
> The rest of the day was filled with many and varied
> endeavors such as fixing the backpacks, filling scientific
> reports, working on the EVA schedule for the three remaining
> days and trying to solve the mystery of our water
> consumption. The completion of some of these tasks deserves
> some communication:
> -        Over one week and half, the crew has built
> three almost brand new helmets and repaired two
> malfunctioning backpacks;
> -        The writing of the end of mission summary has
> started;
> -        Two ATV EVAs and a walking one are planned for
> the next three days.
> Lastly, the different talks we had today also raised the
> question of the personality of the people that will be
> chosen to explore Mars. Overall, I think one will have to
> juggle between two slightly opposed positions: being bold
> enough to explore new roads but at the same time chose the
> safe way when it matters, being able to chill and joke but
> also knowing when to be serious and talk about important
> matters… However, I like to think mankind will chose
> people with different types of personalities that can work
> well together. After all, this is why we are sending a team
> and not only one person, isn’t it?               
> Crew 164