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> 164 Journalist Report 01/03/2016
> Sol
> 9. In a few hours, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will be back
> on Earth after his year-long mission onboard the
> International Space Station. And in a few sols, we will also
> be back on Earth. Even though we still have three sols of
> simulation in front of us, we are already starting to
> anticipate our trip back to Europe and the return to our
> daily routine. In a few weeks, Mehdi will have stopped
> complaining about the bad food in the station and started an
> intensive currywurst care (as well as a world saving but top
> secret internship) in Darmstadt, Germany ; Mohammad will be
> back to business, wandering in the Jardin du Luxembourg of
> Paris ; Jérémy will add a new line to his resume and a new
> stamp to his passport at the University of Stockholm ; Louis
> will follow in the footsteps of Gagarin and Korolev around
> the Red Square ; Arthur will preserve the tradition of
> aerospace excellence of Toulouse wearing his uniform on the
> Place du Capitole ; and I will go back to my laboratory in
> Switzerland and to the beautiful shores of the Léman
> Lake.
> (Just
> a small comment regarding my internship in Switzerland : it
> will end next July. If someone working in the space industry
> is reading this : I IS KIND. I IS SMART. I IS NOT BURN DOWN
> The
> best part of space travel is probably going back on Earth.
> Not because the space station is not comfy enough, but
> because space travel makes Earth feel different. More
> beautiful as before. Full of new opportunities : seeing it
> from above makes it look so small, fragile, but totally
> explorable in the same time. In three sols, we will leave
> the Hab full of memories and stories to tell, and ready to
> keep on exploring space during our next mission. Per Ardua,
> Ad Astra !
> PS
> : Houston, we have a problem. Backpack n°1 is now working
> fine, but a new terrible technical problem appeared in the
> station : the frying pan we used in the morning for our
> pancakes is now terribly sticky, leaving small pieces of
> burned carbon in stead of a delicious breakfast. Mission
> support, you are our only hope.
> Camille
> Gontier, Crew Journalist MDRS 164