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EVA Report:

EVA #10

Crew members: Louis Maller (EVA leader) backpack 1, ATV red Honda
Jérémy Rabineau backpack 4 ATV#2
Camille Gontier backpack 2 ATV#3

Location: 12S-520235E-4250690Nreturning to the Canyon the other crew spotted

Time: departure at 9:25 a.m.

Duration: 2h30min

- exploring the ATV roads looking for an interesting land features
(canyon, or other features were we could carry out a geology
experiment for tunnels)
- Detection of Mind-Wandering using ECG
- If it is sunny, outdoors test of the MOMA project

9:25 Start decompression
9:28 Engineering check
9:35 MOMA experiment placed outsides
9:37 all ATVs started, departure from the Hab
9:40 on the main road heading north
10:00 within 200m of the canyon, ATVs stopped
10:17 at the canyon, exploring rocks
10:30 exploration down inside the canyon
11:00 heading ack to the ATVs
11:15 heading back towards the main road
11:37 on the way back to the Hab on the moon road
11:40 back to the Hab
11:45 fueling ATV2
11:47 fueling ATV red Honda
11:53 EVA team goes to fetch the fallen objects from previous CRV testing
11:55 leak seen on the Hab a little leftwards from the previous leak
11:57 recompression starts
12:00 recompression ends

The EVA team started by the engineering check, and putting out the
MOMA experiment because it was bright and sunny outsides. We left on
the ATVs all of them working great. Camille guided us to the very
picturesque canyon that we were looking for. We parked some 200m from
the canyon and finished on foot. We took some pictures and then set
out to explore. We found a way inside the canyon, and we set out
inside. We had a look at some rock outcrops, and inspected them for
maybe further geologic experiments. The canyon was really beautiful.
When we had done the exploring we wanted we headed back towards the
main road. On the way we stopped to inspect another rocky outcrop.
Then we returned to the Hab. Once back to the hab we replaced the MOMA
experiment in the engineering airlock. We went to retrieve the plastic
parts that had been used for previous CRV experiments. On our way back
to the Hab we spotted a leak, with some water in it, a bit left from
the bigger leak that we had spotted earlier on and that is known. Then
we went back inside. Mission accomplished. Very glad to have been able
to explore this awesome canyon, had a look at its geology. Riding on
the ATVs is always a fun experience too, especially on such a nice
martian sol.

Louis Maller
Crew Engineer for MDRS Supaero Crew 164