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> Commander Report
> Mehdi Scoubeau
> 03/03/2016
> Dear Earth,
> Sol 11 was a busy day. Two EVAs were conducted and hence
> every crew members got a chance to go outside either in the
> morning or the afternoon. This morning sortie concluded the
> experiment with the Cliff Reconnaissance Vehicle experiment
> with a test down a steep cliff in the eastern canyon. Back
> around the Hab, the Atmospheric Opacity device recorded data
> during the whole EVA. In the afternoon, the geology
> apprentices of the crew conducted the Rock Mass Rating
> experiment once again, in a more suitable location. They are
> confident it will yield even better results. These EVAs were
> also an opportunity to test out two different frequencies on
> the radios in order to confirm that one has a longer range
> than the other.
> It was interesting to see than even after two weeks of
> simulation (and even four weeks for some of us) we are still
> coming up with some ideas of experiments and improvements
> when a particular situation occurs during an EVA.
> The late afternoon tea time was devoted to determine the
> schedule for tomorrow which will be an even busier day since
> we have to do a food inventory, tidy up and clean the Hab,
> while at the same time saving some time to finish our
> experiments and record some PR videos.
> Still one day to go and we are all determined to stay focus
> till the end and achieve as much as we can in the time
> remaining in front of us. Time ran out really quickly here
> and even if a Martian day is longer than a Terrestrial one,
> we still wish we had more time.
> See you soon, Earth!
> Crew 164