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> 164 Journalist Report 03/03/2016
> Sol
> 11. Tomorrow will be our last sol of simulation - and we
> just can’t wait to go back to the MDRS ! 
> We
> are proud to be all from the same engineering school -
> Supaéro, in France, the National Institute For Aeronautics
> and Space - and we did our best to prove our worth and the
> quality of our school. Based in Toulouse, Supaéro is now
> the leading engineering school in France for aeronautics and
> space professions. Not only is graduating from this
> university a great honor, but is also a first step toward a
> dream career in space engineering. Since 1909, thousands of
> future scientists, innovators, astronauts and space agencies
> officials have been studying there.
> But so far, we
> met no analog astronauts ! We decided to fill this gap two
> years ago, and to apply all together for a first MDRS
> rotation. Only two of us finally had to opportunity to leave
> for Utah, as no Supaéro crew had previously worked with the
> Mars Society. Thanks to the great success achieved by MDRS
> 151, we had the honor to be selected again this year as a
> whole crew.
> And we now aim
> at having a Supaéro crew rotation for each MDRS season.
> Next year’s crew has already been selected among freshmen,
> they are ready to apply for a rotation in 2017 and we hope
> they will keep on improving our experiments. We really would
> like to stay longer in the Hab, to reach all our scientific
> goals ; but we will have to rely on next year’s crew to
> keep doing science. But we have to make way for them : we
> still have one more day of science in front of us. Per
> Ardua, Ad Astra !
> Camille
> Gontier, Crew Journalist MDRS 164