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EVA Report:

EVA #12

Crew members: Mohammad IRANMANESH (EVA leader), Mehdi SCOUBEAU and Jérémy RABINEAU

Around the Hab (12S-518437E-4251432N)

Time: departure at 9:34 a.m.

Duration: 1 hour 28 minutes

The main goal of this last EVA was to allow last minute testing for projects who still need to collect data:
- Allow inside the HAB data collection on the person responsible of HABCOM for Detection of Mind-Wandering using ECG experiment.
- Test of the MOMA project
- Test of part of the CRV payload: Radio relay(without the CRV itself)

The secondary goal of the EVA was to test an improvement idea on the rover by adding a wide angle wifi camera on the NorCal Rover.

HabCom: Camille GONTIER

09:34 a.m.: EVA #12 leaves Airlock
09:36 a.m.: End of Engineering Check, placing MOMA experiment
09:40 a.m.: Positioning Rover outside the HAB
09:42 a.m.: Issue with Backpack #1, very weak air flow
10:05 a.m.: Rover back to Engineering Airlock for reboot.
10:35 a.m.: Connection to Rover was lost again.
10:48 a.m.: Mehdi ask HABCOM to note the time for MOMA experiment.
11:20 a.m.: Check in: 30 min left. EVA#12 is gathering equipment to come back to the HAB.
11:35 a.m.: EVA#12 entered Airlock
11:01 a.m.: End of ATV refueling operations.
11:02 a.m.: End of EVA

After a quick engineering check to measure the static tank level, the crew positioned the Rover and started testing the wide angle camera. The operator inside the HAB did not find it very useful because although he could enjoy a wider view angle, the image was deformed by the wide angle lens and the fish-eye effect made it hard for the operator to judge distances.

The rover needed to be reboot at some point and was put again inside the engineering airlock to be fixed by the Crew Engineer.

The radio relay test was not successful.

At the end of the EVA, the ATVs were refueled. The MOMA experiment stayed outside to continue saving data.