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Astronomy Report
Arthur Lillo

Sky Conditions:
Mostly Cloudy
Wind Conditions:
Observation Start Time:
3 A.M.
Observation End Time:
3:45 A.M.

We wanted to take advantage of the Moon hiding under horizon to
observe the Milky Way in the direction of its center. Saturn and Mars
were supposed to be visible at that hour. But the clouds were stronger
than our eyes and we were only able to observe Jupiter through the
eyepiece of the telescope. Its moons were not visible. It was quite
frustrating, we all woke up at 3 A.M. to witness the beauty of the
desert’s sky for the last time in the simulation, and there was almost
nothing to see.

Objects viewed:

Problems encountered:
Too cloudy. The shutter did not have enough power to be fully closed,
so we closed it in the morning when the Sun had filled the batteries.

Post-Scriptum: I send you the picture of Sirius out of focus after
collimation, and the picture of the content of the Visual Astronomer