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Commander Report
Mehdi Scoubeau 

Dear Earth,

Busy handover day. The two crews went to the Burpee quarry and took the traditional handover pictures in front of the Hab. There have rarely been that many flags on the same porch! Let's show the way with always more international collaboration! Lastly, the two crews paired up in order to pass on all the required information and experience.

As it is my last report as commander of Crew 164, I would like to thank everybody who made this mission a success. We had a great time and manage to reach our scientific, engineering and simulation goals. We sincerely think the junior crewmembers that will lead the next MDRS Supaero Crew hopefully in 2017 were well trained and are ready to take over.

I would also like to welcome Crew 165 to the MDRS and wish them a fun and safe rotation. I now leave my place to Pamela Nicoletatos, Crew 165 Commander!

On to Mars!