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MDRS 164/165 Journalist Report 04/03/2016

Sol 13-164 0-165. 

« Hi ! You are on Camille’s voicemail. I am not the responsible journalist anymore. Sorry guys, I am now -or soon to be- in vacation in the Bahamas smoking cigars and drinking cocktails for I have been unable to do so for the last two weeks. No more journalist reports to write, no more backpacks that need repair, no more Arthur’s cooking, no more problems to deal with. I will let Tomoya, the new NJ (1) deal with it. See You ! »

Just kidding. That was one of the best experiment of my life, and it was a great honor covering it as crew journalist. I will really miss it, and even if the handover between crews 164 and 165 is under way, I will never forget the past two weeks and I will stay involved in the French Chapter of the Mars Society. Thanks to all of you for your support and your reading, once again that was amazing. Good luck Crew 165 and Tomoya : Per Ardua, Ad Astra ! 

(1) Nice Journalist

Camille Gontier, Crew Journalist MDRS 164 

Merci beaucoup, Camille. Ok now that our French NJ is gone, please welcome Tomoya Mori, your new NJ for the next two weeks. Our crew members have come from a long way. Our commander, Pamela is from the Netherlands, although studies have shown that she is actually from Canada. Our HSO, Ryoko, Green Hab Officer, Masashi, and our Astronomer/Engineer, Eriko, all came from Japan. Our Executive Officer, Ken, is from Utah, or shall we say, the Martian. And the crew journalist, myself, is from the largest state in the country: Rhode Island. 

After several delayed flights, missed flights and lost items, we have finally made our way to Mars — to be greeted by the wonderful crew 164 who were kindly enough to cook the traditional French dish: Pizza. I guess we will finish our day with an incredibly international party on Mars, play some games, watch movies and chillax for the night. A long day awaits us tomorrow.

Tomoya Mori, Crew Journalist MDRS 165