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MDRS 164/165 Journalist Report 06/03/2016

March 6th 2016

Who would have guessed that our very first day in MDRS would be spent on cleaning? I mean, I don’t even do that back in my own college dorm room. Ok, I probably should, but I was not expecting to be a dish washer for half a day on Mars. Our Commander in Chief, aka our mom, says that we have be all nice and tidy before our SIM starts tonight.

But our cleaning skill was exceptionally great. When you combine a greek-style dish washing method and Japanese nano-tech cleaning equipments, any nasty bacteria is wiped out in a matter of seconds. Now our kitchen sink is shiny as new, the cupboards and fridge are extremely well-organized just like a Michelin 3-star restaurant in Paris.

Crew 166 will be grateful. But, actually.

After having a delicious lunch served by our Michelin Japanese chefs, we went out to test out the ATVs. The training session was led by our Executive Officer. We had a wonderful time riding these monsters — we stayed on the main road, we promise.

To finish our day, all crew members went outside to get a group picture. Our Commander, of course, had to check the photos a billion times before we saw her satisfactory smile. Check out the most dynamic photo ever taken on Mars!

As previously mentioned, our SIM starts tonight. All of us are busy getting our first reports in on time. Actually, it’s just me now. So voila, here is my first journalist report!

Tomoya Mori, Crew Journalist MDRS 165