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 Engineering Report 165.2
 Engineering Report
 Date:  03/08/2016 at 18:00 p.m.

 Crew Engineer Name: Eriko Moriyama & Masashi Hiraki

 Diesel – 80%(at 11am before EVA)

 Propane – 49%(at 11am before EVA)

 Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) –  2 empty
 containers(same as yesterday)

 Water (trailer) measured in cm from the bottom–    0in
 / 42in i.e. 0cm/106.6cm(at 11am before EVA)

 Water (static) measured in cm from the top – 28.5in /
 42in i.e. 72.4cm/106.6cm(at 11am before EVA)

 Trailer to Static Pump used – 0in i.e. 0cm

 Water (loft) –  48 gallons

 Static to Loft Pump used – 30gallons

 Water Meter: 105710.7

 Atv # Oil Checked:  all ATVs almost full

 Atv # Fuel Used Gals:  None

 Atv # Tires Status:  all ATVs OK

 Atv # Hours Used Day: We used #1, #2, #3, #4 for 1 hour

 Atv # Notes and Comments: ATV No.4 which had broken parking
 brake Ken looked at and he is requesting permission to
 adjust 1 nut and 1 bolt that the parking brake cable goes
 to which will tighten and fix the parking brake.  Ken can
 get pictures of the exact nut and bolt later if needed. 

 Summary of Engineering activities: 4 ATVs were used for EVA
 and these are in the same condition as last time checked. We
 didn’t have time to look into EVA backpack charger today
 so we’ll do it tomorrow following Paul’s instruction we
 got yesterday.

 Questions and Concerns to Mission Support: We got new
 situation about the problem of loft water pump from
 yesterday. Yesterday night after CapCom, the
 frequent pumping stopped right after the toilet was
 flushed. Then today, it started pumping again and stopped
 after the toilet was flushed (the pump ran about
 5 minutes). We assured every faucet in HAB was shut off. We
 haven’t checked the filter yet because the pump is doing
 ok now, but we can check it tomorrow if you are still
 suspicious of the filer.

 Water: Thank you for passing down our request and we’re
 waiting for the refill.

 Gasoline: Thank you for passing down our request
 and we’re waiting for the refill.