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Crew 165 Engineering Report
Date:  03/09/2016 at 7:00p.m.
Crew Engineer Name: Eriko Moriyama & Masashi Hiraki
Diesel – 79%
Propane – 48%
Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) –  2 empty containers
Water (trailer) measured in cm from the bottom–    0in / 42in i.e. 0cm/106.6cm
Water (static) measured in cm from the top – 33.5in / 42in i.e. 85.1cm/106.6cm
Trailer to Static Pump used – 0in i.e. 0cm
Water (loft) –  51gallons
Static to Loft Pump used – 49gallons
Water Meter: 105,762.9

Summary of Engineering activities: We had lots of tasks for
troubleshooting today. However, we put our efforts to make daily life
more comfortable.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:

We tried to check the loft tank, but we could not find teflon tape. We
asked previous crew and they did not use Teflon tape when they had
changed the filter. But we found water leaking around the meter and we
are afraid of the leaking worse without Teflon tape. So, we gave up
checking loft tank.

Intermittent pumping still happens sometimes (today, it happened at
PM5:00). Once we shut off the valve to flow water into toilet, then it
stopped. Probably, the drain line causes the problem. We tried to
check the flapper valve but we could not figure out which it is so
please give us more instructions about the flapper valve, photo of
inside toilet tank is attached.

For Backpack chargers, we have 6 cables for connecting socket, 5
cables for charger itself.All cables are re-labeled and checked the
condition per Paul’s instruction. Please see chart below.

Socket side     Condition
#1                        Good
#2                        Good, but LED red lump is blinking when no
connecting, LED green lump is blinking when completed charging.
#3                        Good
#4                        Cannot charge
#5                        Good, this is for another type's battery pack
#6                        Good

Battery side    Fuse                Lead condition
#1                   Missing            Good
#2                   Blown fuse       Cannot charge, this will be able to use if  fuse is replaced.
#3                   Installed           Good
#4                   Installed           Cannot charge, cable is broken
#5                   Missing            Good

We decided to install fuse on #4 to #1. So then, we have 3 good cables.

Water: we are still waiting.

Gasoline: we are still waiting.