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MDRS 165 Journalist Report
Tomoya Mori
Sol 4
Earth date: 03/10/2016
The EVA crews stood and watched the water flow through the hose into the black tank.

For the past 3 days, the reading of the water level was giving us a stressful time. “Finally” we thought. “Finally we don’t have to stress out about our water usage.”

But I had a mixed feeling as I watched the tank fill up. Limitations often push us out of our comfort zone and be more creative.
 I just had the impression that the limited usage of water  I’m not saying that I don’t want water. We use water more often
 than you think in our everyday life. Cooking, washing, drinking, showering, flushing (bathroom), you name it.

Now that we have more water, I feel like our life in the hab might become too “terrestrial.” That could be a good thing. If we were to colonize Mars, people should be able to spend their day without having to worry about their water usage. I’m sure the crew members, including myself, will have a less stressful time here on Mars. Nevertheless, I do miss the three days when we had to be more creative with our cooking, washing and showering. It kind of demonstrated that we only need so much water to survive.
 Water is not the only challenge here, though. But each limitation will only make us more creative. That’s for sure.

Tomoya MoriCrew
Journalist MDRS 165