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Greetings Mission Support,

Commander Report Crew 165:

Pamela Nicoletatos

Sol 5

Earth date: 11/03/16

The crew enjoyed a night of star gazing last night and our Astronomer was able to capture some spectacular photos of the Orion Nebula that will be shared with the Astronomy report this evening during the CapCom window.  We gathered last night for a moment of silence to mark the five-year anniversary of the devastating earthquake, which happened in Japan. Both the XO
 and I were honored to be able to participate with the rest of the crew in such a significant event.

Everyone had a bit of a sleep in after a busy EVA yesterday and tended to duties around the Hab for projects. GreenHab shipment was unpacked, assembled and rubbish was removed from previous Crews Activities. It is now taking on the appearance of its original function. Photos to follow in the GreenHab report this evening.

Lunch is going to be a special treat of freshly made Udon noodles prepared by our crew HSO and Astronomer and I can only imaging dinner will also be culinary delight. Have I mentioned how excellent the cuisine has been here on Mars!

Ran 1 and a quarter miles based on the circuit the last crew mapped out through the pressurized tunnels connecting the Hab, GreenHab and Musk Observatory, needless to say I almost coughed up a lung. Right now my husband is probably reading this back on Earth and looking to see if Hell has frozen over. He knows too well my aversion to running and the great lengths I will go to in order to avoid it! LOL! 

 We’re hoping for another game night and evening of laughter.

Additional Crew reports to follow, much appreciation to mission support back on Earth.

EVA request for Sol 6.

 From Crew 165,
 Crew Commander signing off.