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EVA Report: Eriko Moriyama
EVA #4
Crew members: Executive Officer Sullivan, Astronomer Moriyama and GreenHab Officer Hiraki
Location: Heidi Beemer’s outcrop point (12S-518213E-4250313N)
Time: Departure 10:33 a.m., Return 12:15 p.m.
Duration: 1.5 hours
To perform Rock Mass Rating Task as a part of Heidi Beemer’s research.
*(10:33) Departed the Hab toward Heidi Beemer’s outcrop point.
*(10:42) Arrived at the outcrop point and started RMR task.
*(11:51) Departed from the outcrop point.
*(12:07) Arrived at the Hab and started engineering tasks.
*(12:15) Finished engineering tasks.