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MDRS 165 Journalist Report
Tomoya Mori
Sol ​6
Earth date: 03/1​2/2016

I noticed something. 

Our day began with a special breakfast prepared by our Green Hab Officer. The meal consisted of freeze-dried foods that were provided by a renowned Japanese company. Miso-soup, smoothie, rice, eggs and scallops, even potato salad — everything was freeze-dried products.

But they were absolutely fantastic. You could never tell that it was freeze-dried unless you were told. The meal portion was rather big, and our Commander and Executive Officer had a hard time finishing everything. But we all enjoyed it. The dining table was decorated with bright red containers, each of which had different food — just like the traditional Japanese breakfast.

So what did I notice? 

I noticed that people were talking during the meal, more than we normally would. Ok, perhaps it was because the meal was different from usual. But I could certainly feel that the air was warmer and I saw more smiles on everyone’s faces. I myself felt happier and more motivated for the day’s task after the meal.

Meal time is crucial to relationship building — and our Green Hab Officer is trying to verify that through his special treats. My hypothesis is that a good meal can increase the productivity of the crew. Great food can unify people, allows us to think positively and strengthen the team spirit. In such an extreme environment, food should be regarded as one of the critical aspects of a mission.

Great food = Great life. 
Anybody disagree?