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EVA Report:
EVA #5

Crew members: Commander Nicoletatos, Executive Officer Sullivan, Biologist Ryoko, Journalist Mori

Location: Around the Hab (12S-518155E) and North points as listed below.

Time: Departure 11:03, Return 13:15

Duration: 2hr 12min

Soil Samples for biological research, photo/Video

*(11:15) Soil sample collection
Sample C (12S-0518350E, 4251107N)
Sample D (12S-0518392E, 4251161N)
Sample E (12S-0518397E, 4251161N)
Sample F (12S-0518504E, 4251400N)
Sample G (12S-0518618E, 4251358N)
*(12:00) Photo/Video at North area (12S-0518597E, 4251475N)
*(13:00) Soil sample collection Sample A (12S-0518208E, 4250741N)