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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 165:
Pamela Nicoletatos
Sol 8
Earth date: 14/03/16

It was an early start to our day, as we set out to organize a delayed transmission back to Earth for one of our Crew for an internship position with NASA. On Mars you have to be ready for anything! We expect a pretty quiet day ahead of us as we have no other scheduled EVA’s or activities. The HSO, XO and myself are mastering the Martian mile run at the Hab and others exercised before lunch, which made it easy to not feel guilty consuming what we did.

For lunch, I cooked a tuna and spinach casserole for the crew smothered in cheddar cheese, we devoured that and moved on to the various flavors of ice cream, cricket cookies and fresh raisin bread topped with maple syrup for dessert. Dinner tonight will be a combined effort from the XO and myself and we will be making Martian pizza.

Tonight plans for Astronomy are on hold as we seems to be experiencing increasing Martian dust storms. The Hab is shaking and rattles with the high winds and I have random thoughts that the supports will give way, leaving us to tumble across the terrain like an Earthly tumbleweed. Fortunately we’re well planted or it would undoubtedly be a Martian sight! So back to movies and Monopoly, with the crews efforts focused on defeating the evil Emperor! Last night’s flick was “Space Balls”, classic!

Additional Crew reports to follow, EVA request for Sol 9.

Much appreciation expressed to mission support back on Earth, for your time and efforts.

From Crew 165,

Crew Commander signing off.


May the force be with you!