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Commander Report Crew 165:
Pamela Nicoletatos
Sol 9
Earth date: 15/03/16

Breakfast, morning exercises and an all-Japanese crew EVA were the start of crew 165’s day. Team Nippon had been given a group of coordinates as waypoints from The Japanese Mars Society. At each coordinate the crew was to take a group photo to commemorate the stop. We are looking forward to an evening of pictures both from our Astronomer’s efforts last night; she has the patience of a Saint, and from the day’s activities.

It has really been a brilliant rotation and the crew has been a real pleasure for me to experience a Command role while in SIM. Our days are stress free and take on more of what a future colonization lifestyle on Mars would entail. Although we are running projects, they do not eat up the entire day and night but allow for a chance for us to get to know each other. We have become a family, run on the back of an “all for one” mindset. We have ensured are meals are all spent together and begin with everyone sat at the table. Crew comes first! The XO and I are given “words for the day” to learn Japanese and although some of them won’t get us very far if ever we get the opportunity to visit Japan back home on Earth, they certainly add to the light hearted atmosphere of the Hab life here on Mars.

We will be expecting a Galactic visitor to the Hab tomorrow and have begun preparations for their arrival at the spaceport. We expect a full and long day ahead of us, so a great meal tonight and early to bed, maybe after a friendly game of Star Wars Monopoly! J Last night’s victory was a complete wipe out by our HSO. Woohooo! We plan to wow our guest with a fresh supply of Udon noodles for lunch. Offering our perspectives as to the importance of space and technological research that is performed at the MDRS and insight to the life of a Martian. The crew is a brilliant representation of an International collaboration!

Additional Crew reports to follow, EVA request for Sol 10.

Much appreciation expressed to mission support back on Earth, for your time and efforts.

From Crew 165, MDRS Martian Outpost.

Crew Commander signing off.


May the force be with you!