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Good Evening Mission Support!

Daily Summary Report (DSR) for 15 March 2016

SOL: 9
Person filling out Report: Ken Sullivan
Summary Title: Creativity fail on Sol 9: the sequel to the sequels
Mission Status: All systems nominal 

Sol 9 Activity Summary: Mars Society Japan requested several points for the EVA crew to visit on today's EVA. Apple cinnamon bread. Ice cream (chocolate, banana and blueberry) is almost gone and Ryoko had the force as she won Star Wars monopoly last night!   

Anomalies in work: None  

Weather: Clear, warm and calm.    

Look ahead plan: EVA#8 for media visit from an author   

Crew Physical Status: Good!

EVA: EVA 7 successful however not all GPS coordinates were visited, will go to the additional sites on a future EVA.

Reports to be filed: 
- Commander Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Daily Summary Report
- EVA #7 Report
- EVA #8 Request
- Astronomy Report

Support Requested: Teflon tape (known request)