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EVA Report:
EVA #7

Crew members: Engineer Moriyama, Biologist Ryoko, GreenHab Officer Hiraki and Journalist Mori

Locations: North and South points as listed below

ATV: No utilization

Time: Departure 10:43, Return 13:39

Duration: 2hr 56 min

Purpose: Photo and GPS data collection for request from Japan Mars Society

Complied with Japan Mars Society request samples collection
*(11:13) Photo E (12S-518162E, 4251756N)
*(11:38) Photo D (12S-517756E, 4251850N)
*(12:16) Photo C (12S-517982E, 4251417N)
*(12:39) Photo B (12S-517897E, 4250930N)
*(13:21) Photo A (12S-517945E, 4250449N)

Ryoko, Biologist Crew 165