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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 165:
Pamela Nicoletatos
Sol 10
Earth date: 16/03/16

Today was an eventful day at the Hab, early start and preparations for our mystery guests. After acknowledging the 3 minutes cycle of the airlock, the additional two inhabitants were welcomed and ushered to the upper common living space to be introduced to the rest of our amazing Martian crew. Questions of our backgrounds along with our motivations and ideas of what future colonization would be like were broached and what we missed most from back on Earth. Most common response from the crew was fresh fruits and vegetables. Definitely would be a plus to have the GreenHab up and running next rotation.

I think what I enjoy most about the MDRS and the experiences are that you are never at a loss for inspiration and projects you would like to focus on during a future rotation. You are left always wanting more! The science drives you, the people drive you and the opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and explore infinite possibilities fuels you to answer the prospects of colonization. Deep and meaningful aside, the Hab is back to normal and our guests have departed for there long journey home back to Earth and we wish them well on their travels.

Lunch was a three part special of algae Udon noodle, cricket Udon noodles and silkworm cookies that the crew initially described as smelling like hamsters, yes you heard that right, hamsters! The taste test left a much more ambiguous linger on the pallet, one you just couldn’t quiet place but yet registered on some subconscious level. Shrimp shells! Deep fried shrimp shell was the flavor that won the crews vote, which in turn led to a sampling of appropriate condiment tests. Only our crew could think of this. Yes, indeed we did it! Cricket cookies with Ketchup, seriously there are no words! Never a dull moment with this group.

Reports are being organized and the Hab takes on it ritualistic quiet hum, soon naps and project analyses will follow and then once again our Hab will burst to life with the hustle and bustle of dinner, CapCom and games. Time is coming to a close here on Mars but I can’t help but feel it has been too short.

From Crew 165; MDRS Martian Outpost.

Crew Commander signing off.


Live long and prosper!