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goooooooood morning MISSION SUPPORT!!

Daily Summary Report (DSR) for 17 March 2016

SOL: 11
Person filling out Report: Ken Sullivan
Summary Title: The Earth at the end of the tunnel.
Mission Status: Systems nominal

Sol 11 Activity Summary: Fish again for breakfast. Projects are nearing completion. Research is coming to a conclusion. Earth is nigh. It's a mix of looking forward to home, and missing Mars. EVA today kept most the crew busy while mission summaries, checklists and lunch was created by those stuck in the HAB. Reports, papers, and fixing the 3D printer. Another great and successful day.

Anomalies in work: 3D print filament would not advance, XO took some time working on it and seems to be fully operational at this time.

Weather: Clear, warm and light winds.

Look ahead plan: EVA#10 to test HALpr route planning.

Crew Physical Status: Good!

EVA: EVA 9 successful

Reports to be filed:
- Commander Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Daily Summary Report
- EVA #9 Report
- EVA #10 Request
- Astronomy Report

Support Requested: None