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EVA Report:
EVA #9

Crew members: Engineer Moriyama, Biologist Ryoko, GreenHab Officer Hiraki and Journalist Mori

Locations: East points as listed below

ATV: Utilization of ATV 1, 2, 4 and 5

Time: Departure 11:05, Return 13:58

Duration: 2hr 53min

Purposes: Photo and GPS data collection for request from Japanese Mars Society (2nd trial with ATV to help speed up the transportation between waypoints).

Complied with Japan Mars Society request samples collection
*(11:43) Photo F (12S-519543E, 4251551N)
*(11:56) Photo H (12S-519243E, 4251452N)
*(12:34) Photo G (12S-519720E, 4251492N) *(12:56) Photo I (12S-519204E, 4250953N)