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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 165:
Pamela Nicoletatos
Sol 12
Earth date: 18/03/16

Last Sol on Mars in SIM and I cannot begin to describe how wonderful this experience has been! As of tomorrow morning we will able to unlock the inner and outer airlocks and and inhale the fresh desert air, which has eluded us for the last 12 Sols at the MDRS. Tomorrow we will await the arrival of the next crew and welcome them to their new home. It’s always a busy day and one that has both excitement and the air of bittersweet feeling from the departing crew. Our last few hours are spent writing our final reports, conducting an inventory of the remaining food supplies as well as gathering pictures of the great condition we have left the HAB in.

Have I mentioned how much paperwork there is here on Mars?!

Lunch is beckoning and soon the Hab will again power down to the gentle hum of contentment and food satisfaction we have come to know and love. Tonight will be packing and perhaps one last game night as a crew. Viva La Star Wars!

The EVA this morning tested the HALpr system and the EVA report will be supplied in the appropriate CapCom window this evening.

Our SIM will officially finish at midnight tonight.

From Crew 165; MDRS Martian Outpost.

Crew Commander signing off.


Live long and prosper!