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Salutations Mission Support,

Daily Summary Report (DSR) for 18 March 2016

SOL: 12
Person filling out Report: Ken Sullivan
Summary Title: Already Missing Mars  
Mission Status: Systems nominal 

Sol 12 Activity Summary: Finishing up reports, packing, cleaning, gathering, wrapping up projects. Crew 166 arrives tomorrow and we are preparing to leave so that they may take over. Bittersweet. Food inventory and an EVA to test HALpr routing helped keep our minds on Mars but the time is short. Final Crew 165 dinner at the MDRS tonight, final game, hopefully our Journalist finishes his video, it's a lot of work!  

Anomalies in work: One of the roads listed on HALpr does not exist, thus the EVA (circular route) was longer as we had to back track most of the route to return back to the HAB.  

Weather: Clear, warm and windy.    

Look ahead plan: Welcoming Crew 166

Crew Physical Status: Good!

EVA: EVA 10 successful, albeit roads listed on HALpr were not there so in keeping on the roads the EVA took longer than anticipated (2.5 hours instead of 2)  

Reports to be filed: 
- Commander Report
- End of Mission Summary Report
- Engineering Report
- Journalist Report
- Daily Summary Report
- EVA #10 Report
- Astronomy Report

Support Requested: Bread yeast