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EVA Report: EVA #10

Crew members: XO Sullivan, GreenHab Officer Hiraku

Point1 East: 517100 Point1 North: 4251230
Point2 East: 516040 Point2 North: 4251250
Point3 East: 517802 Point3 North: 4254655
Point4 East: 517137 Point4 North: 4254562
Point5 East: 516100 Point5 North: 4254380
Point6 East: 516043 Point6 North: 4254609   

ATV: Utilized ATV 2, 5

Time: 9:55 a.m. - Engineering duties, 10:25 depart for HALpr way points, 12:55 return

Purpose: Follow HALpr generated waypoints

Summary: Selected 6 waypoints of which 2 would be visited twice during the return to HAB. Points were slightly off but close.  I made the mistake of just writing down the coordinates that HALpr listed in the order that HALpr arranged them.  As such as I went to the first way point on the list (49) I quickly realized that something was wrong.  Thus I had to go to the 4th waypoint that I wrote down as the first stop. One of the roads that were shown on the HALpr Map does not exist and so we had to turn around so that we could stay on roads back to the HAB.