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Commander Report Crew 166:
Mathieu Roiseux
Sol 2
Earth date: 22/03/16

Today our planning has been changed by unwanted and unexpected events.
During the breakfast preparation the electricity suddenly shut down.
Fortunately, the sunlight and a small lamp were sufficient to allow us
to eat in great conditions. Then, when we were preparing the team for
the EVA, the power went back on. At this moment, Shannon contacted us
and we learnt about the sad things which happened in Brussels. The
airport of the Belgian capital was our starting point to Mars few days

We postposed the beginning of the EVA to obtain news from our families
and friends. After one hour, it seemed like no one that we know got
hurt by the explosion, even if some of them were in the airport at the
very moment of the explosion. We decided to go back to SIM and made a
shorter EVA than expected. We took some pictures with the Belgian
flag. It was planned before our lift off from Earth but it took kind
of a special meaning today. We think about all the families who
weren’t as lucky as we are today and who lost someone close. We thank
the Capcom team which allow us to communicate with home.

No particular problem happened during the EVA but at the end I was the
only person who still had his microphone in an appropriate position to
communicate. We will try something different tomorrow to fix it better
at our ears. At our return we eat a warm soup and some bread made by
Bertrand and Arthur.

Tomorrow we will open the envelope concerning Heidi’s project. The
other project is more difficult to handle and I think that we will ask
questions during the Capcom before starting it.

From Crew 166; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Semper Altius