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Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 22 March 2016!

SOL: 2

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title:  When something wrong happen at home but you’re far away…

Mission Status:  The diesel power plant is in repair, all other system are nominal.


Sol 2 Activity Summary: This morning we wake right at the right time, indeed, it we had just the time to make some coffee before the power plant broke. When the backup power generator had been start, we were told about the terrorist attack in Brussels. This was a shock for all of us. We have taken an hour to hear about our families, since some of us come from Brussels, to be sure that everyone was ok.

After that, four members went in EVA.  During the afternoon we have try the 3D printer. The first try did not work, the team will test the 3D printer again tonight.


We are saddened by the terrorist attack and we are addressing our condolences to all the families of the victim. Despite this attack, we will remain on Mars until the end of our mission.


Anomalies in work: None


Weather: fresh, cloudy, cool wind and we got a little rain.


Look ahead plan: EVA#3 Dangerous zone detection for Gregory , mapping of the zone for Arthur

the research of bacterial life on Mars for Julie and telecommunication for me.


Crew Physical Status: Saddened but still strongly motivated !


 EVA: The EVA went well, it was a walking one. Half of the crew has lost their earplug during the EVA. So tomorrow we will try  strong duct tape to attach it to our face.


 Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report

- Engineering Report

- Journalist Report

- Sol Summary Report

- EVA #2 report

- EVA #3 request

- Greenhab officer report


 Support Requested: None