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Date:  03/22/2016 at 6:50p.m.
Crew Engineer Name: Gregory Edison

Diesel – 72%
Propane – 39%
Gasoline (5 Gallon containers for ATV) –  2 full containers
Water (trailer) measured in cm from the bottom–    7in /42in
Water (static) measured in cm from the bottom – 32,5in / 42in
Trailer to Static Pump used – No
Water (loft) – 50 gallons
Static to Loft Pump used – 28 gallons
Water Meter: 106 414,4 gallons

Summary of Engineering activities: Same as yesterday: routine check
around base and experience work. Took picture of the broken part of
the base. You can find it attached.

Questions and Concerns to Mission Support:
I was wondering if I could take the rover with me on the engineering
tour. Crew would like to check the controls and distance it can travel
and a bit of company would be nice !