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Sol Summary Report (SSR) for 23 March 2016!

SOL: 3

Person filling out Report: Bertrand Steenput

Summary Title:  Goods meals means happy team!

Mission Status:  Running on the CAT, all other system are nominal.


Sol 3 Activity Summary:  When we woke up this morning it was very cold In the hab (13°C) , so warm up with a good breakfast and a delicious coffee. Then we prepare ourselves for the EVA. After the EVA we eat a seriously good meal , made of chicken and rice. It was pleasant to eat right after our EVA.  Then we’ve try to add our logo on our T-shirt but the operation was not a success…


Anomalies in work: None


Weather: fresh, sunny, cool wind.


Look ahead plan: EVA#4 mapping of the zone for Arthur, photos and telecommunication for me.


Crew Physical Status: Healthly !


 EVA: First EVA with the use of the ATV’s, it when very well. All the crew was able to conduct their experiment.


 Reports to be filed:

- Commander Report

- Engineering Report

- Journalist Report

- Sol Summary Report

- EVA #3 report

- EVA #4 request

- Greenhab officer report

- HSO officer report


 Support Requested: None