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MDRS 166

Journalist Report 23/03/2016

Sol 4.


Yesterday evening was a difficult time. In the half of the CapCom electricity cut off. Restarted for five minutes, and cut off again. We used the backup light and it made a gloomy atmosphere.  To killing time, because our computers were passing out, we started to play with a small zither we founded on a shelf.


I sleep well tonight, I didn’t hear this morning when Julie and Mathieu knocking on my bedroom door. This was cornflakes again for the breakfast. There are raisins on all the pack we have, so I decided to eat crackers, because I don’t like raisins.


Today was a calm day, no EVA for me. Mathieu stay with me and we cooked the dinner. After searching on everything we have to make a good combination, we found some ingredients. The others were cold outside so they asked us to make something warm. We cooked chicken and bean risotto with a mushroom sausage. It was good, I think. Some of the others added hot sauce, because they found it had not enough tasteful. I don’t like spicy meals, so I didn’t.


It was ready when the others come back with the ATV, and we could saw them park in front of the Hab when we had just started to mix. We let it warm to help them put off their helmets.

After eating, everyone started to attend their affairs. Some of us retry again to send spaceships on the moon. I tried too. I lost an astronaut in the nothingness, and some of my spaceships just exploded during the landing because of the high temperature.

The favorite game of the crew is now the dinosaur game which appear when we lost the internet connection!


We just found the answer in the game we started on our first three minutes of depressurization. We have to found someone or something and the one who had choose just answer yes or no. This one last the both times for the EVA, and nearly both of the engineer’s one. Arthur had chosen the lamp genie, it wasn’t so difficult…


Nadine Traufler, Crew Journalist MDRS 166