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Astronomy Report
Nadine Traufler

Sky Conditions: Clear
Wind Conditions: Calm
Observation Start Time: 03/23/2016 9:53 P.M.
Observation End Time: 03/23/2016 11:45 P.M.

After all this long cloudy nights, we finally could came out to the Musk Observatory. We wanted to start our spectroscopy experiment. Unfortunately, we had had wrong information about the telescope and the adaptation piece doesn’t fit. We were very disappointed.

We will try to arrange that in filing down the piece, maybe in using the 3D printer…

We tested the last alignment and it was nearly good so we keep it for this night. We will try to do another 2-star alignment the next time to improve it.

We tested the focus on Sirius.

We show to the others Jupiter and the Orion Nebula.

I made some pictures of the moon lighted desert from the safety circle around the observatory.

I join pictures of the adaptation piece, the piece from a Belgian telescope, and the part of the Musk telescope.

Objects viewed:

-Polaris, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Capella,
-Orion Nebula, Double Cluster

Problems encountered:

The piece doesn’t fit.

We had forgotten that the telescope move when we use the arrow to select an object on the menu.

There was not enough power to completely close the dome, so we went to close the last fifteen centimeters this morning.