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Greetings Mission Support,
Commander Report Crew 166:
Mathieu Roiseux
Sol 4
Earth date: 24/03/16

Last night the crew astronomer went to the MUSK observatory for the
first time. Unfortunately, the large eyepieces need to be screwed on
the telescope and the piece that we made works as the small eyepieces.
We are adjusting the adaptation piece and this night it should work.
The astronomer took in hand the telescope and she showed us Jupiter
and the Orion Nebula. The battery of the dome was low at the end of
the observation and we had to wait this morning and the sunrise to
achieve closing it. We also took pictures from the “window” of the
observatory around 05:00 am.

Due to the observation night, we sleep more than usually this morning
and we planned the EVA this afternoon. Julie, our crew biologist is
suffering from back pain and did not come with us as she should have
done. The ATV 5 was hard to start and stopped really fast after the
engine ignition. I put it back in the parking zone and went back in
the airlock were the key of the ATV 2 was waiting me. It took some
time to wait for pressurization and depressurization so we start with
few minutes of delay.

The telecommunication experiment was our main purpose to use ATVs and
took us the most of our time. It performs quite well. During our
travel, we detected two transmitters that Gregory placed and it help
us to detect some hazardous zones on our way. We traveled on new
tracks and get a bit lost. However we found easily our way back to the

Around 05:30 pm we received a package of food. Just after, Bertrand
and Gregory made the routine check. They were able to start the ATV 5
and maintained gas few minutes to fill in the battery.

From Crew 166; MDRS Martian Outpost
Crew Commander
Semper Altius