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EVA Report: EVA #4

Crew members: Commander Roiseux, Journalist Traufler, Geologist Bawin

518896E 4250940N
520760E 4251938N
517802E 4254655N

ATV: #1, 2 & 4

Time: 2:00 pm depart - 4:30 pm return

Purpose: Check transmission efficiency fof the "hazardous areas"

Test antenna transmissions. Elevation/altitude measurements. Photos
and video for the journalist report.

Summary: Our biologist, Julie, didn't join us for this 4th EVA, as she
was experiencing temporary back pain, and maybe driving the ATV for
more than one hour wasn't such a good idea... Looks like we had
battery troubles for the ATV#1 : our commander finally drove the #2.
It's all fixed up now : we'll use the #5 tomorrow, if allowed.
Five antenna transmission tests were performed : we tested the
magnitude of the signal, according to the orientation of the antenna.
Thanks to the "track log" feature of the GPS map, we recorded the
elevation all the way through the checkpoints : we certainly did save
a tremendous amount of time (-:
As a security check, the track was also recorded on a "offline"
smartphone, i.e. using no phone signal nor internet or datas, simply
used as a GPS receptor. It compared pretty well.
We went back to the locations of two previously hidden "hazard boxes",
which are supposed to ring a little buzzer in the leader's helmet, in
order to prevent from going close to a hazardous area (a critical
slope, dangerous rocks, a cliff, etc.). They both seemed to work well,
as the buzzer did indeed ring as we were approaching.
Finally, we took several photos for the journalist's report, as well
as a short video.